I am a long term photography enthusiast and have been attending demonstrations in the UK and taking images for many years, but as well as documenting protests I enjoy other forms of photography and have been experimenting with different ways of presenting and publishing my work for the world to see.

I do use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to present my work, but I try to use alternative methods when it comes to different types of photography and other interests.

I am currently experimenting with independent and open source alternatives to mainstream social media based in the Fediverse and beyond, so have a look at my Ipernity, Pixelfed and Mastodon and consider giving them a go if you’re looking for a different experience online.

Finally, see below for links to my other blog (michael-k) where I post about different matters, musings and points of interest.

All my work is copyrighted, but if you wish to get in touch to discuss anything, please contact me using any of the available methods. 

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