March on the Tory Conference

4 October 2015

Coalition Against ISIS

26 September 2014 Read more

The Funeral of Margaret Thatcher

17 April 2013 Read more

TUC A Future that Works

20 October 2012 Read more

Leeds Student Rally

Thousands of Leeds students took part in a peaceful but heavily policed lunchtime protest against rising tuition fees and education cuts.

24 November 2010 Read more

G20 London Summit

In April 2008 I joined the protests against the G20 summit in London. I was part of the crowd that was kettled in Threadneedle Street.

2 April 2009 Read more

Oxford: City of Animal Abuse

The last time I saw animal ights campaigner Mel Broughton protesting the Oxford Animal Lab as part of the SPEAK campaign was at the Martyr’s Memorial in July 2007.

7 July 2007 Read more

SPEAK: Oxford March

Animal rights gropup SPEAK had a large march through the city centre on 28th October 2006. It was ell attended and passed off peacefully.

28 October 2006 Read more

SPEAK: Pro-Test

On 25th February 2006 the stakes in SPEAK‘s campaign against the building of the new Oxford Animal Lab were raised.

25 February 2006 Read more

SPEAK Boycott Vodaphone

This was the second SPEAK protest in Oxford city centre that I documented. A small gathering of people assembled to highlight their feelings that funding given to Oxford University by Vodaphone could help to fund the animal lab.

28 January 2006 Read more